Demonstrations, Rehearsals and
Advanced Dancer Sessions

Unless otherwise noted, all sessions are held 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. on Sunday.


(none scheduled)


(none scheduled)


Advanced Dancer Sessions

(none scheduled)

These sessions are designed just for dancing!  Bring your energy, your good shoes and dances you want to dance.  Also, we sometimes work out a challenging dance...

T.A.C. definition of an advanced dancer:  Solid understanding of all steps and formations and high level of personal performance in all aspects of the dance.

A local definition of an advanced dancer:  Knows the basic figures of Scottish Country Dance, can quickly learn new figures, recover from mistakes without missing a beat and can get partners through dances with Napier difficulty levels of 1 - 3.

If in doubt, please ask your instructor.

Driving Directions to the Hankes' house:

From either I-94 or I-43 exit on Moorland road and drive SOUTH.
 (8 miles from I-94, 3 miles from I43.)
When Moorland road crosses Janesville road, two blocks south of Janesville road is Sandalwood Drive.
Turn right onto the drive, look right in one block for Sandalwood Circle.
Turn right, to third building on the left.
W155S7061 Sandalwood Circle

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